Frequently Asked Questions About Vasectomy Toowoomba

Find below our most frequently asked questions about Vasectomy Toowoomba. If you have any further queries or questions, feel free to contact us.


Do you need a referral ?

No, you do not need a referral


How long does the procedure take?

Your booking will be for 45 minutes, including the consultation and the procedure


How many days do you need to take off work?

Minimum of three days


How painful is it?

It is not seen as a painful procedure if need be; you can take a few paracetamol or ibuprofens


Do you need special underwear?

No, but we do recommend firm underwear for the first ten days


Will you get a Medicare rebate?

Yes, you do get a Medicare rebate


Do we bulk bill?

No, we do not bulk bill except for DVA gold card holders